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Harry Porterfield: Someone you should know
Featuring Patricia Owens!


Meet Ms.
Patricia R. Owens!

Patricia's accomplishments are too many to list! Let's start by saying she has an associates degree, she's has an certified nurse assistant certificate, advid real estate and property manager, licensed foster parent for 20 plus years, a licensed daycare provider for 11 plus years, she's also a youth practitioner I and II.

How does she do it all? With help of course, from her friendly and helpful Skool Of Skills staff.

Formerly employed by Marcy Newberry and Associated, where she was featured by Harry Porterfield's "Someone you should know". Now Patricia Owens has joined Skool Of Skills and is very passionate about assisting our youth in becoming positive and productive citizens and also, role models for the next generation to come.

The Skool Of Skills After-School Program

Our mission is to empower youth.

The after-school program offers two components: teaching life skills in a safe and comfortable environment. For example, life skills such as personal grooming, hygiene, money management, citizenship and personal etiquette. Coming soon, Skool Of Skills will offer electrical training skills, kids "Money Skool" program and a comprehensive financial markets program. The second component emphasizes career/business skills such as career exploration, business etiquette, job development and interview skills. Additionally, this setting will give the youth a resource to build a trusting, confidential and mentoring relationship.

The program requirements allow youth ages 8 to 16 to participate. The program anticipates on having the following outcomes: To change the norm of what youth are immune to while living in urban communities. To deter drug usage, high drop-out rates, unplanned pregnancies, and teen obesity.

We are seeking community and business partners to support our mission. We are especially in need of the program supplies and materials. Please consider making a difference in the lives of our youth. If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me @ 847-867-3596.

Thank you for your consideration.
Ms. Patricia Owens

Harry Porterfield: Someone you should know Featuring Patricia Owens!

July 16, 2009 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- A program in Chicago's University Village community is working to keep young girls off the streets by getting them involved in projects and activities that can help later in life.

They're teaching skills, including making jewelry boxes and greeting cards, and offering instruction on computers and job applications.

They are girls learning to be young ladies. And Patricia Owens will be their guide. She created a program called Newberry 13 for kids in the neighborhood of the Marcy Newberry Association at 1073 W. Maxwell.

"I had a vision that the children over here in the community needed a place to go because once they reach the age of 13 they age out of Marcy Newberry program...they are out of most programs in Chicago," said Owens.

Learning how to make useful items from discarded materials is one of the lessons being learned here.

"It's a good program, because it keeps young ladies of the street and it helps us learn different things," said Jada Anderson, program participant.

"We learn how to decorate, so instead of us having to go out and buy it we can make it ourselves," said Moesha Wade, program participant.

This is one of the raw materials the kids use in their work: a cigar box becomes a jewelry box that gets painted and decorated with macaroni.

Pedicure anyone? Well you've come to the right place.

"We learned how to do manicures and pedicures; it's real fun," said Bria Williams, program participant.

On the subject of t-shirts, there is no restraint on creativity. Colletha Gandy designed one for her grandmother.

"I think it's a wonderful program for teenagers and stuff to get off the's something to do over the summer," said Colletha Gandy.

"They've learned so much here, my granddaughter brings her learning home...she's come home and set the table, she's given me a manicure and a pedicure," said Lillie Gandy, grandmother.

"Deep down inside of my soul I feel good, I know that I helped somebody...I made a difference in somebody's life...and they make a difference in my life," said Owens.
Patricia Owens, founder of the Newberry 13 program, and someone you should know. And she stays busy coming up with resources for the program.


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